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Metal Complex Solvent Dyes-Sky blue

From: Yingmei Chemical   AddDate: 2016-01-27   Keywords: Metal complex solvent dyes   Views: 1532
Metal complex solvent dyes
C.I. No.: C.I. Solvent Blue 70
CAS NO. 12237-24-0
ALCOHOL(99.5%) 150
M.E.K  350
Toluene 500
HEAT STABILITY 150℃ 30MIN 180℃10MIN 200℃ 1MIN
Reference: (BASF) Neozapon Blue 807

Brief Introduction:
Metal complex solvent dyes is a solvent dyes which also environmental with years improvement 1:2. This series products owns similar dying features, for which can color match mutually, pH value is neutral, high staining, good dye uniformity, extremely high fastness. We adopt environment solvent for making the color more stable, transparent& colorful compare to the normal products.  

Product Features:
1, Great solubility,good permeability, high tinting strength
2, High light& weather resistance; and soluble good with kinds of resins.
3, Full colorful, easy operation.
4, Free heavy metal irons.

Product Usage:    
1, Wood paint,furniture paint, piano coatings, floor coating etc.,
2, Leather dying, paint spraying( all kinds of natural and artificial leather, etc.,)
3,Printing ink, ballpoint pen and kinds of stationery ink.
4, Printing on the surface of aluminum foil,paper or metal with transparent appearance by hot stamping laser way.
5, Coatings on the surface of plastic products( Vacuum plating etc.)
6, Shoes polish colored.
7,For coloring of lamp decoration products.

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